WEB 2.0 SOCIAL MODERN MENTORING PLATFORM PRIVATE SOCIAL NETWORKS The next phase of technology is moving from the grand scale of public social networks as we know them to platforms that are Private …

Meet The Modern Learner. Online 27 times a day versus 5 times a day in earlier days of the Internet. Today’s learners are impatient, distracted and overwhelmed… Check this out… via Bersin by Deloitte

Todays technology platforms can fill the gap between working learners, institutions, employers and our community organizations. Technology can provide access to 24/7 learning environments from a distant with teachers, coaches, leaders and work that will make a difference in getting real work done.

Technology will make a difference in making available the curriculum of studies and multiple experts for mentoring the competency requirements that will fill jobs with the trained workforce that employers of the 21st century want and need to hire. Technology is the tool that will provide the willing learner a career pathway to earning certified micro-credentials.


Strayer@Work CEO Kelly Bozarth moderates a panel at SXSWedu 2016 on the value of corporate-academic partnerships in educating the workforce. The growing skills gap has forced academia and business into a state of disruption, where new models for growing workforce skills are announced nearly every day. This session brought together the minds behind many of these new models to examine what is and isn’t working. Panelists included: Mona Mourshed, Director, Global Education Practice, McKinsey; Robert Khedouri, Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, Markle Foundation; and Steven Kramer, Vice President Communications & External Affairs, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.


Building Your Network of Influence in the Culinary World

Contributor Paul Sorgule, AAC, shares how success is determined, to a great extent, by the people with whom you work, play, and communicate. He offers suggestions on how cooks and chefs can build …

Source details: Building Your Network of Influence in the Culinary World

Excellent article! ~ Social Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are great platforms for connecting with people. They do offer the first phase when introducing technology for a model on facilitating networks of influence.

The next phase is deploying “Private Social Networks” and being able to use the same type of platforms with customized branding for our membership based organizations. These platforms will allow people to engage with applications for professional development for modern mentoring and earning micro-credentials. As a lifelong learner our career development will be enhanced by working with leadership from a distance. THIS WILL ALLOW US TO DEFINE & SHARE OUR LIFE GOALS BEING COACHED BY SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS WHILE EARNING OUR CREDENTIALS ALONG THE WAY.

The next phase of our social networks will not only provide us a private platform for exchanging thoughts and ideas, these platforms will protect our assets and allow us to collaborate with our association colleagues, teachers, students, employers, and hand picked experts for transferring knowledge to get real work done where we accomplish many great things together.

~ Michael J Rutherford