Building Your Network of Influence in the Culinary World

Contributor Paul Sorgule, AAC, shares how success is determined, to a great extent, by the people with whom you work, play, and communicate. He offers suggestions on how cooks and chefs can build …

Source details: Building Your Network of Influence in the Culinary World

Excellent article! ~ Social Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are great platforms for connecting with people. They do offer the first phase when introducing technology for a model on facilitating networks of influence.

The next phase is deploying “Private Social Networks” and being able to use the same type of platforms with customized branding for our membership based organizations. These platforms will allow people to engage with applications for professional development for modern mentoring and earning micro-credentials. As a lifelong learner our career development will be enhanced by working with leadership from a distance. THIS WILL ALLOW US TO DEFINE & SHARE OUR LIFE GOALS BEING COACHED BY SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS WHILE EARNING OUR CREDENTIALS ALONG THE WAY.

The next phase of our social networks will not only provide us a private platform for exchanging thoughts and ideas, these platforms will protect our assets and allow us to collaborate with our association colleagues, teachers, students, employers, and hand picked experts for transferring knowledge to get real work done where we accomplish many great things together.

~ Michael J Rutherford

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