“Why I Love Advertising”

It’s about the idea. Creativity always wins.

Because things get real, real fast

By Robin Spring

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Einstein may or may not have said this, but no matter. The saying encapsulates what I love about advertising. It’s zesty. It’s piquant. It’s energetic. Advertising integrates right brain, left brain thinking. Problem solving at its best. Advertising marries individual cogitation and radical collaboration. It’s art. It’s science. There are so many different types of jobs in advertising; it’s a playground of disciplines and skill sets. Creativity, research, analytics, ideation, project management, media, production, account management, leadership and more. No two days are the same. There is variety in the work and an array of spaces to work in: Ad agencies big and small, in-house corporate agencies, small businesses and organizations, media outlets, production houses and boutique specialty services. Advertising is always reinventing itself. In short, advertising is deliciously fun. And, it’s a form of communication that is always in…

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