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Many companies are agents of social change that contribute to ecosystems and connections across national and local communities.

Michael Rutherford specializes in strategic partnerships and implementing whitelabel software as a service between merchants and apartment communities.

Learn more about our solutions eResidents, eProperty eManagers, and eMerchants, and eCoaches where valuable resource eServices are offered throughout Michigan

The relationships Michael represents offer apartment, association, and organization communities whitelabel mobile apps. The enterprise ecosystem offers a content engine to promote social networking connecting Members, Residents, and Merchants. New technology offers a direct channel to connect small businesses and large organizations with local advertisement, promotions, education, workforce, and local shopping. This ranges from credit & lifestyle coaching, perks, free memberships and admissions to nearby resources, venues, fitness centers, and vouchers for delivery and onsite programs and plans, third-party services, and other exclusive discounts around town to thousands of Residents in Michigan.

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Second Chance Pathways, Inc.

Michael represents Certified Chefs👨‍🍳, Restaurateurs🥂 Technologists📳, Marketers🌀, Landlords🏘, and Entrepreneurs©️ all working together as a team of experts co-founding service companies.

Michael started his career, at the age of seventeen, in 1977 where he studied in a career technical program as the first Apprentice in the Correspondence Course offered through the American Culinary Federation Educational Institute. The year before the ACF forever changed the culinary industry by elevating the position of the executive chef from service status to the professional category in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Official Titles.

Michael was awarded with the honor as an Apprentice of the Year in 1981.

As a registered ACF apprentice cook in 1977-79. I was signed as the very first Apprentice on the roster, in the entire United States, being offered for the first time through the American Culinary Federation correspondence course. I was sponsored by Robert H. Nelson, CEC, CCE, AAC and mentored by Chef Larry Farhat at the Spring Lake Country Club and Mr. Jim Singerling, CCM, HAAC, HBOT.

It was the same year that Chef Ferdinand E. Metz, CMC, W GMC, AAC, HOF, Dr. L.J. Minor, Chef Louis I. Szathmary and Lt. Gen. John D. McLaughlin were successful working with the Department of Labor in elevating the status of Chef from the “Services” to the “Professional” category.

Michael’s career path looked to be set for a pathway to CEC certification. His career took a turn for the worse when his Mentor Larry Farhat who was the Executive Chef at the Spring Lake Country Club, had a heart attack and his health required him to move and take on an active role working for his brother in a less stressful position. This left Michael without the ability to continue his certification process through the American Culinary Federation Correspondence Course. Michael with the help of Chef Larry and others were able to continue his education with Washburne Trade School.

Unfortunately the school was not connected to the ACF certification program and Michael’s career path was a bumpy ride. His education pathway was guided by his desire to learn, yet it was disconnected by a lack of the Association to be an active role participating in real life situations.


In 1982 as a Senior at Washburne Trade School/ Culinary Institute, he was chosen to represent his classmates along with six other students at the National Restaurant Association/American Culinary Federation Culinary Classics where they each won a gold medal & a team first place trophy on a national platform.

Michael from a young age, as a working learner, attended major universities for specific course work and certifications, while  gaining years of valuable experience and insight working for leading restaurant and technology firms.

“Michael understands the meaning of partnership and synergy. His ability to communicate, his follow-up and follow-through and his integrity lead me to the recommendation of this individual.” 

~ Chris Snyder – President at TAPS Fish House & Brewery / The Catch / Lillie’s Q

During the first half of Michael’s career he served on opening teams, community services, industry associations, board of advisors, and earned his way as a director of operations. Michael managed more than 30 business locations ranging from very large well branded & high volume venues, hotels, clubs and restaurants to making Nation’s Restaurant News Hot Concepts and Orange County, California #1 Restaurant & Nightclub list for 4 years in a row.

Michael’s annual sales revenue contributions were between $1MM to $28MM with the average business location $5.5MM in sales.

“Michael has a brilliant personality and always uses it to develop better personal relationships, which is why he is respected almost immediately by those he comes in contact with. His attention to detail and ability to prioritize/address the important issues for his sales team has always had a supernatural aura about it. I recommend Michael because he has a desire to excel personally and influences others to do the same.”

~ Nic Wilkinson

Over the past 18 years, Michael has expanded his career into solution sales where he has consulted with hundreds of restaurant owners, CEO’s, COO’s, CIO’s, and CMO’s to assist them with their technology needs.

“Michael Rutherford has been a significant mentor to me in the field of restaurant POS technology and Operations and I recommend him as a valuable asset to any company. He is one of the most task-oriented and focused people I have ever worked with, and excels in doing all due diligence in order to effectively and successfully reach goals and win sales. Michael understands the nuances of doing business and combines that with his years in the field to bring a unique and acute perspective to every process. His inherent drive and competitive nature means that a solution is always possible, the answer is always yes, and he will always see things through to the very end.”

~ Cristal Ghitman


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Michael Rutherford
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Michael Rutherford

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