“Why I Love Advertising”

It’s about the idea. Creativity always wins.

Because things get real, real fast

By Robin Spring

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Einstein may or may not have said this, but no matter. The saying encapsulates what I love about advertising. It’s zesty. It’s piquant. It’s energetic. Advertising integrates right brain, left brain thinking. Problem solving at its best. Advertising marries individual cogitation and radical collaboration. It’s art. It’s science. There are so many different types of jobs in advertising; it’s a playground of disciplines and skill sets. Creativity, research, analytics, ideation, project management, media, production, account management, leadership and more. No two days are the same. There is variety in the work and an array of spaces to work in: Ad agencies big and small, in-house corporate agencies, small businesses and organizations, media outlets, production houses and boutique specialty services. Advertising is always reinventing itself. In short, advertising is deliciously fun. And, it’s a form of communication that is always in…

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Coaching Mentees from a Distance


Corporate options are different today and how we train our trainers and train our employees as with delivering to shorter attention spans, connecting with people, diverse groups, not just on who they are but where they are.

Online learning has come a long way! We still have a long ways to go!

In 2009, when we designed LeaderTracker we designed it in an environment with the exact same type of problems that other organizations are expressing today. What we want to stress that LeaderTracker was not a management learning system – MLS. We expected large organizations to already have an MLS in place.

“The LeaderTracker toolkit was designed to operate in the space between the trainer, the organization, the supervisor, and the individual.”

Candidates are being prepared or inducted into roles, trained for roles, being coached in giving feedback and are advancing through their career roles. Sometimes the people who may have the expertise may need to connect, may not be in the same Store, State, Organization, or Country.

This gives us an opportunity to connect these individuals with each other in a way that provides MODERN MENTORING TOOLS and virtual training environments 24/7 “Synchronous & Asynchronous” with a light touch. It also gives us an opportunity to work with someone in a class who attended a seminar in Chicago, but lives in Seattle, where the person is being trained is entering back into the work environment and the supervisor can work with them to make sure that they put what they’ve learned is transferred into practice and given feedback. LeaderTracker was very simple to use tool that had social media functions that allowed individuals and groups to create a plan for someone, to manage that plan, and both the trainers and supervisors were able to connect with any expert panel that might have to connect to serve their needs.

Today our Baby Boomer transition is moving out our long-term expertise and moving in those working learners looking to enquire experience from people especially from middle and upper management. What we need today is a tool that will allow an organization to create groups that can be accessed virtually synchronizing in connecting with them in real time or by leaving a question or placing a document or file for the person (Coach) to review, allowing that person who is on an expert panel to give feedback. An expert path panel that can seat 8 Mentors to 1 Learner offer more then one insight on the subject matter. This transfers critical knowledge must faster. It also allows during group training sessions and breaking them up into groups across the country that you can network with to accomplish goals and initiatives to optimize business best practices.

Let’s collaborate to get real work done!

Every business & industry needs access to Mentoring tools that can reach outside their own Silo networks. Communications that can assist in coaching influences that provides directions to individuals and groups that can implement “Growth Plans” for different verticals. If we are to manage change and influence people for those needing coaching, we need the ability to track performance to a “Path Plan” managed by a “Path Panel” of multiple Mentors. We need a breakthrough to multiple seats within a Group, so that the coaching can be influenced by multiple instructors/mentors at the same time. Where we can either use training modules or customize the requirements pending the learning candidates personal needs.

Change the methodology today to teaching an individual from a group of students to a group of Instructors who bring a different perspective to the subject matter.

(1) learning candidate having access to a mentoring group as many as (8) coaches who are all SME’s who drive the processes for the willing learner that provides access to transfering knowledge quicker. i.e. Teacher, Employer, Role Model, Coach, etc. that can represent any learning business & industry requirement.  Where Modern Mentoring is able to award Micro-Credentials and Certifications when following the processes to completion.

It works for projects, and education initiatives.

Effectively providing performance improvement, professional development and assisting organizations with tools for capacity development.

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Recognizing Diversity


As is the education system in most part of the country particularly in areas of diversity need to move students through the process different then a sardine factory. We all can recognize we have special skills and unique circumstances that make life challenging. To benefit the child, our society needs to recognize these differences early on in life. This requires change in the methodology in our teachings, it can move all of us forward to happier places.

The Ask is to review the METHODOLOGY

Education is the most powerful weapon

Starting with the resources for people in need to stay in their homes. The Apartment Communities (small to large) is our most concerning population that is struggling today. Helping those with no credit and assisting them with revolving credit to manage the shortage of living from paycheck to paycheck. The combination of low credit and cash flow is the trouble in finding a safe place to live. *It is! … a great place to start to solve our economic struggles and teachings. LiveIAG.com

Fueling the Culinary Arts with Richard Grausman

Mr. Grausman your inspiring story is written very well. Your pathway in life doing it has served thousands. We are so honored you shared this with us.

Today’s information is so loud and abundant that most never hear or see it.

The World is fragmented and your story makes it very clear the challenges of the education system. Our personal struggles can relate to many in need, yet many are in no comparison to those who have suffered the worst of it. The struggles are real connecting those in need with Mentors to learn.

As you pointed out how to read who instead drop out of school adding to the misguided directions when reaching adulthood or worst yet increasing the number of suicides. When I read your story you posted here of the grassroots and the movement you started that created pathways, it’s the truth and why you were successful with C-CAP and how your formula for hands on is so important.

Education is not a sardine factory everyone has a different requirement and offering a tech-methodology to teach it is important.

Bringing home economics back to the school system and teaching it in progression to the learners is critical for growing family values and skills. The C-19 Pandemic has brought the technology of online learning to the forefront, i.e tech like Zoom. Now with Path Panels of Mentors who are from 8 different places (school, work, and areas of life) and putting them in a Group to manage Career Path Plans virtually is where many hearts can be developed. Improve the online methodology for teaching education and correcting the fragmentation. Intuitive yet a very simple tool for transferring knowledge customized to each learner (1 learner 8 mentors) that develops growth plans that excels the learning candidate. Lowering the drop out rate and suicides and putting our youth in the right track for success and the American Dream. God bless you and everything you have done for the industry and those in need. Read the details of Mr. Grausman’s story and learn how he helped over 300,000 students!


For those born in the 1920s – one job and retirement with a pension was common. Today, one might have a new job every 3 years with no pension, a 401K, health insurance – all pending the individuals, thier resources, and the knowhow to organize them.

Where over a 30 year career, one might have 10 jobs. Many might experience circumstances and hiccups to have seen them 2x or 3x in their lifetime. Many experience a lot of dots over a career. Many might be short on work, directions, resources, and answers before they find them.

When one is doing online learning, it became common practice where willing learners were able to be coached with structured influence as a mentor with lesson plans that fit the learner. When combining with best practices we are able to structure a plan by putting our hearts and life back in place.
By working together we can transfer the knowledge faster to each willing learner. We can get more work done through the guidance of a coach. Guide more people through the obsticals and onward to the American Dream.

THE ASK IS STUDY THE METHODOLOGY. For more details: https://wp.me/p6XnTR-1A

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700+ covers tonight. Complete point of sale meltdown at the apex of the first turn, so every table from then until close was late sitting down and/or got their food late. Thanks to the POS collapse, food tickets into the kitchen and drink tickets to the bar were either duplicated or more-likely completely lost into the ether. We either delivered the food to the same table twice, or didn’t serve them at all. 50 folks with reservations standing on the walkway in front of the hostesses, waiting for their tables, staring at these poor young ladies and growing increasingly irritated. And in the kitchen and the service wells, absolute carnage. Hand tickets. You’ve seen the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan?

I’m pretty sure it’s masochism. That’s the only reason I can come up with, as to why I continue to do this job.

If anyone knows any cures feel free to speak up, because she’s a cruel mistress, and I know this isn’t a healthy thing to still be doing this at this age. But it’s absurdly fun. And, damn, this whiskey sure does taste pretty good right now. *clinking glasses #pointofsale #managerlife #afterwork


By admitting our defeat… it is our first step.

Many of us have been there and in this same exact spot. It’s a hard spot to be in and then to take the energy at the end of it all, to text it out in detail, as you have is the most important new beginning that anyone could ever do for themselves. Your defeat has turned the corner at that exact moment. Our failures most of the time come from those moments we fail to admit it, diagnose it, and work towards curing it.

Most continue to hit their head against the wall or worst yet hit ourselves over the head, not knowing how to fix it. So we keep doing the same thing over and over again, making the same mistake. This includes our small and big mistakes in life. Some of us keep choosing jobs that we our in a cycle every year and a half, and we get in a new one, we’ve either grown weary,  or our boss/employer has and we get fired. Some of us try to go in business as an entrepreneur but fail miserably  — we blame someone else, or the machine, the system, or something else. Our cycles are the proof in the Pudding, so are our failures.

It gets to the point that the truth is in front of us, and some how, someone is able to be honest and tell us how to fix it. It’s those who have come before us, young or old, who have the expertise to solve the problem, or give us the answer. Most of the time, it’s our own fault that chose not to listen, and/or have not reached the point in our life to accept the words from those who know better. We havent reached that moment in time to accept that we our selves do not accept the fact we do not know. So as we get older, we reach an understanding that we don’t know everything, but we sure as hell know alot more from the mistakes we’ve gone passed. —> meaning we heal in life. We stop the cycle and become the Coach that is our gift from all the lessons we’ve learned. We are humble and learn our roll in the job of life, we have and are able to look to others for advise, and get better.

Only you can find the answer to your pain. We can give each other guidance based on being there.

Now that you have texted your frustration:

My suggestion is to Recap the night with key people on your Team. Departmentalize your study by key performance and standards of your operation — where each failed to recognize the “emergency kit” with the tool(s) that failed to be in place when the standard system broke down. Where the automation stops and the manual processes begin. The reverse science to what we automated when we took the industry live. Each store in the old days was manual — we took them live deploying automation. It’s like the nightmare if we lose our smartphones — it’s very likely one day the Cloud will go dark, with automation and the dependence of life we lead — today everything being in it — we all face the same challenge of the scary event you and your Team had — how do we lean on each other then? It’s a scary place to be. In order to compete we must participate — how then do we prepare ourselves, our friends, families, neighbors, and Guests in our own home who depend on us.

#FIRST: We only charge when we can deliver the goods. We and our Teammate’s work to maintain standards that we believe in are sustainable to meet and exceed expectations in order to receive payment for goods and services rendered. 
#SECOND: We are not afraid to say No, and seat only those Guests we are able to serve these expectations too. That it’s not about Greed, that it’s about maintaining the Standard we set to operate our business. Over seating, and letting to many in our space over and above the amount we can maintain our standard of service is the thought one needs to reckon with in order to manage how our future sales will perform. 
#THIRD: In the Hospitality industry it’s all about the “Wow Factor” and as long as you can deliver that your meeting a high standard, if you get anything less then your in the retail business. Thus the volume is the key.
#FOURTH: Hospitality in the new World of convenience. If you have processes & systems in place; one should be prepared to lose the privilege of Automation. It’s a machine and software that runs on power — although A.I. is taking over the world, it’s the human who is the creator. Unplug and go manual faster then you did. The moment each Department in our operation becomes all in with A.I. Game over if our business can’t go back to manual systems; shut your doors and start again when you fix it. Soon this will be irrelevant as many new concepts will drive services through full digital engagement. Thus if you lose your ability to use it, your closed.

Do you have your Emergency Kit prepared in each area of responsibility? Does each job code know what to do to seamlessly assist their co-worker in time of need? I wouldn’t go to far to design emergency kits either and waist your time when the tools change and they do, but a discussion of how the system broke down with key people will help you move forward.

Your answer is in there somewhere. Good luck! You are good, a great Soul! You are everything you want to be. #rainmaker #performancechallenge #performanceimprovement #professionaldevelopment #capacityplanning
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The SOURCE – Referral


We recognize that as a willing learner, you like others, may be struggling through concerns in our personal lives that may also struggle while at work. We remove barriers to employment and find the resources that people need in order to be able to keep their jobs and take care of their families. We partner with other organizations, businesses and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to create opportunities for people and build a strong workforce.

The SOURCE is a not-for-profit employee support organization designed to help employees keep their jobs, receive training to enhance their employment, and help employees move into better positions within or across companies. We do this by utilizing the best resources of the government, area non-profits, and private employers.

A key to the success of The SOURCE is that it is employer led and utilizes a cross-system collaborative model for long-term comprehensive support to employers, their employees and their families. In addition to employers, the collaboration includes partners from education and training, economic development, and social service (government and nonprofit) organizations.

The SOURCE leverages the collective resources of the public/private partners to offer services such as job specific training, personal growth classes, and support services to help overcome barriers employees face in retaining and advancing in the workforce.

The SOURCE is a self-sufficient, employer-led entity. The infrastructure is fully funded by the employer members because of the impact The SOURCE has on the employers’ profitability through reduced turnover, lower training costs and increased employee performance.









source HISTORY

A group of manufacturers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, came together, originally to discuss child care issues in the workplace and how a solution to child care would help productivity and reduce turnover. The result was the formation of an organization named THE SOURCE. The goal of THE SOURCE was to return value to the employer partners in tangible ways. The methods used by its staff range from finding housing solutions for displaced employees, transportation solutions for employees who have problems getting to work, and access to a greater range of training opportunities; financial counseling for employees, ESL classes and Spanish Classes. THE SOURCE also functions as a best practices group for the Human Resource directors in each member company as well as a networking group for the member companies’ CEOs. THE SOURCE is a collaborative effort providing resources, support, training, advancement opportunities, and answers for their collective workforce and staff. The SOURCE brings together community, government, and private interests in an effort to leverage existing assets in order to strengthen the community’s workforce.


The businesses that chartered The SOURCE faced a difficult dilemma – each was operating on slim margins as a result of price competition, supplier demands and outsourcing. Each business knew that it’s human assets – the talent that each workforce offered – was a crucial part of the business’ competitive edge. Each business recognized that the most effective, long term solution to price pressures was to engage a team of workers that could focus on their job with a creative mindset toward continuous improvement. But employees brought pressures from home that distracted them on the job, and created behavior problems like absenteeism, poor performance, and turnover. The businesses recognized that additional employee relations resources would reduce the problem and save the company significant dollars. And, when these business owners realized they shared a common problem that could be addressed with a shared resource The SOURCE was created.

Stronger Together Working Remotely

As with most things worth doing, there are different levels of proficiency and sophistication to scale. It’s taken developers 10+ years to engage with these communication platforms.

Many newly-remote workers seem to combine there different tools by simply downloading Zoom, and having access to email to feeling as though they are discovering what this remote working thing is all about. People are just scratching the surface of the meaning of accountability and maximizing the production levels.

COVID-19 has forced companies the world over to enact — or create — remote working protocols. 

Most people are at Level 2. It’s when companies and consumers invest in Mastering Asynchronous Communication Tools (‘I’ll get to it when it suits me.’) that provides the benefits of time management working remotely. It’s all about productivity, accountability, and NO LONGER about hourly wages. It’s how we blend our work into a “Performance-Based” lifestyle. Nirvana!

The Five Levels of Remote Work — and why you’re probably at Level 2

To learn more foresight visit these portfolios below:










What Credit Score is Needed for Renting an Apartment?

If you’re looking for an apartment, whether it’s your first, third or fifth, the landlord or company will ask to run your credit check to ensure you pay your bills on time and haven’t had any financial disasters! What are they looking for? Landlords and rental companies look for consistency in rent payments and to see if any money is owed to a prior landlord or apartment manager. However, if you’ve had bankruptcies, evictions, foreclosures, or unpaid loans or credit cards, this will be a red flag to them.

Ready to find your dream apartment? Irvine Company has beautiful apartment communities in Orange CountySan DiegoLos Angeles and Silicon Valley.

When your credit report is pulled for the apartment, it’s considered a soft pull and will not drop your FICO score like a hard pull does. It’s more like a background check. Your employment history will be on file and you might be asked to provide your gross income as well, because the last thing a landlord wants is for their residents to be spending more than what they can afford on rent and utilities.

What credit score is needed for renting an apartment?

Most individuals or companies renting an apartment want credit scores from applicants to be 620 or higher. People with credit scores lower than 620 may indicate they are a high risk renter.

  • Anything below 579 is very poor
  • Between 580-669 is fair 
  • 740-799 is very good
  • Anything over 800 is excellent

What can you do if you think you have bad or no credit? Before apartment shopping, it’s a good idea to get your free Equifax and TransUnion credit scores and reports. You can also get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus every year at AnnualCreditReport.com.

If the score is less than what you’d like to see, be sure to meticulously go over the report… there may be incorrect information you can dispute. Sometimes things happened a few years prior that are still on your report. If this is the case, consider appealing to your landlord with recent statements of bill pay history, such as cell phone bills and utilities to show you’ve been paying on time. If you have a healthy bank account, you could also provide a bank statement showing you have some cash.

And finally, stay on top of your credit report, and find alternative proof that you’ve paid accounts on time, if necessary. It may also help to seek credit counseling to show that you’re a responsible tenant.

If you have a hiccup in your credit and are in need to speak to a specialist about a low credit rental program – call or text LowCreditRents.com (517) 253-9992