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Michael Rutherford
Direct line: 562.706.3637

Michael started selling Insight Enterprise Services back in 2001, when the information was real-time every 15 minutes. The companies he represented transitioned to the Cloud as early as 2009 with Web 2.0 solutions. Michael’s work provided as a team member the opportunity to be an early adopter.

These solutions provided the C-level in retail & hospitality vertical markets the ability to view real-time reporting & dashboard information for operations, inventory, financial and marketing analytics for all their locations. Michael’s management consulting role connected peoples needs and the passion of the sales team to serve businesses with assessments, processes, and account management.

Michael’s client relationships were corporate offices with corporate stores & franchisee licensed locations across the country. Read More

The Insight Enterprise Solutions he represented provided management with the key performance indicators to better understand how their workforce performance affected their business outcomes.

Michael offers a strong partnership for his clients and assisting them with expanding their locations across the country with over 15 years of experience, while earning his clients trust serving them with best practices.

“Michael is a software & systems specialist, who is a pro-active, highly-qualified, and self-motivated business professional with a history of cultivating and maintaining Win/Win relationships.”

Michael has the background that provides expert business consulting for small business. He has an extensive background when applying software technology & process automation to businesses where performance improvement is achieved through professional needs assessments and matching them with the best business solution.  Read More

Michael is excited to introduce you to an collaborative effort that outlines an introduction process to expert advisors within a professional consortium. The Team offers innovative technology that can demonstrate how to reduce your costs through operation efficiencies and improve your marketing & advertising – building more customer relationships through effective digital marketing. Read More