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We offer extensive experience as a Merchant, Restaurant Operator serving the public and our employees over the years in the Front of the House and Back of the House, along with leadership roles with sales responsibility. We represent manufactures for hardware, software and resellers of professional services  A consortium that services, supports and sells information systems, software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, payroll, human resources and merchant processing, loyality, digital marketing.

 Performer of Best Practices     

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Below is the picture of the back of the house at the Water Grill in Costa Mesa, CA


Impressive! recalling being on the opening Team of the King Crab Lounge in Long Beach, California (back in 95′ as the addition to the Pine Avenue Fish House) that would later be the 1st Kings Fish House – taking on the list of Top 10 Hot Concept of the year by Restaurant News. Kings Seafood Inc – Water Grill(s) and the companies growth has made the experience an industry favorite. What a beautiful view of the Back of the House line KITCHEN VIDEO SYSTEM that provides the picture when investing & implementing into the automated processes. The result is detailed intellectual information to ensure best practices are being accomplished, and setting new Standards for industry. This is another example of partnering and installing systems that make a difference!
Bon Appétit!

Heartland Commerce – Heartland Payment Systems

Secure. Reliable. Cost-effective.

A point-of-sale solution should be all of these and scalable to your needs.

Your business is unique, so we offer customized, versatile and comprehensive systems designed to grow as your company does. With Heartland, your POS becomes the center of your commerce—allowing you to integrate with your other applications, such as payroll, and marketing and loyalty programs.

Most importantly, we offer our proprietary POS security technology to provide you with unparalleled protection.


Heartland Commerce – LiquorPOS® or MerchantPOS®

Boot up with LiquorPOS® or MerchantPOS® point-of-sale and inventory management software, and experience what hundreds of businesses worldwide have profited from firsthand—retail point-of-sale software designed specifically to meet your needs.

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Compatible with all devices. Xenial will run on Windows 7+, iOS and Android operating systems.

Xenial was built with multi-locations in mind and the need for redundancy and offline capabilities for up to 30 days without internet connectivity giving Independants always on! Always ready!

Xenial is payment processing agnostic.

Xenial has a revolutionary business model that brings the benefits of enterprise functionality to your main street SMB merchant.

Xenial engineered a fixed price for the platform with an unlimited number of devices.

Xenial POS


Heartland Commerce – LiquorPOS® or MerchantPOS®


Boot up with LiquorPOS® or MerchantPOS® point-of-sale and inventory management software, and experience what hundreds of businesses worldwide have profited from firsthand—retail point-of-sale software designed specifically to meet your needs.  Learn More


Heartland XPIENT

XPIENT serves more than 30,000 installations with at least 100,000 terminals in Quick Service and Fast Casual markets. Heartland Commerce’s XPIENT XENON solutions deliver a complete suite of enterprise-wide operational management and data reporting features, as well as a development environment providing simple upgrades and functional modularity. Learn More


Heartland pcAmerica w/OnCloud Portal

Retail Point of Sale Solutions for Your Business – For over 20 years, businesses have been relying on our retail point of sale systems to streamline daily operations, including customer transactions, inventory tracking, employee labor, and marketing reports.  Learn More

dinerware-logoHeartland Dinerware restaurant POS software

Dinerware was created to help bars and restaurants run smoothly – from the restaurateur’s point of view. Our vision is to make hospitality POS radically easier to use and more reliable, while constantly innovating and supporting an open platform for integration.   Learn More

digital-dining-logoHeartland Digital Dining Software

DIGITAL DINING is a completely integrated restaurant management system. Its point-of-sale programs include home delivery and a multi-plan Frequent Diner program. The software includes report generators that archive history files for any period of time.  Learn More

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