Lifestyles powered by IAG

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Connecting Communities with Merchants via Content Delivery Platform


Personalized eWallet

Lifestyle eWallets powered by IAG

One stop shop with your own app – consolidate your website, eCommerce store, social media feeds and your content.

Create membership levels ‘Gold”, ‘Bronze’, ‘Elite’.

Working together to serve new Raving Fans!

Lifestyle eWallets powered by IAG

Conversions are possible when expectations are exceeded!

Make that happen and turn the experience into a WOW!

As a merchant the platform offers unique digital marketing tools within a marketplace that provides services directly to our community residents.

Our services specifically advertise and promote events, specials, and loyalty rewards that are uniquely designed to serve each resident a custom experience around town.

Community Lifestyle Networks powered by IAG is an interactive application where community members, merchants, coaches, and influencers can communicate instantly. The services range from personalizing your own wallet that includes training, personal development, education, free memberships and admissions, and vouchers for meal plans, third-party delivery services, and other exclusive perks and discounts around town.

Lifestyle eWallets powered by IAG


Post your announcements on your community wall and/or post n Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more from one place!

Connect your Zoom or other accounts for Live Video

Customize your community logo, name, and the sidebar menu items.

Customize without requiring re-submission to the App Store.

Your document gallery can be integrated with Google Drive or Dropbox.

iOS and Android Apps with powerful analytics, connect with Shopify.

Connect membership levels such as Free, Bronze, Gold, and set prices.

Upload Video, Documents, Events, Photos, and set prices.

Lifestyle eWallets powered by IAG

Create a Millennial-Friendly Customer Experience: engage customers by integrating with technologies like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Face ID facial recognition, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger and wearables.


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