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These restaurants switched from Paper …to Digital Menus with Shocking Results!

Manage your content in real-time!

The time with the menu is the most valuable time in the Guest experience. Are you missing this opportunity to appeal to your Guests buying power? The proven ROI reduces your menu costs and increases your sales! Menuvative tablet menus is a SaaS Solution that is an advanced software to manage your menus in real-time.

“It is Not POS, It is not a Kiosk”

– It does not need to be connected to the internet to work, only for menu updates.

– It does Not augment service.

Guests do not order from the tablet, nor does the software follow an ordering process.

The guests are free to Cruise the menu. Its like being in a place you created where you can communicate directly with your Guests by keeping them informed. Digital allows you to share current branded content that helps you create that experience.

– It does not replace the server, it enhances the service experiece.

Mentuvative is a software service that allows the marketing team to manage long-term PRESENT Guest strategies. The ones that are already in your restaurant.

“What it does do is enhance the Guest experience and the volume of product sold!”

The video provides a great review on how Menuvative works.

(Click to watch the experience!)

Menuvative offers creative ways to market in your restaurant by providing software to manage your menu content in real-time. The cloud software provides the patented Pairing-Pro for food, wine, beers & spirits.

“So if you need to 86 or remove an item, add a new menu item with a description/price/picture/pairing, or an insert to promote cross marketing within your community you can do it now”

By digitizing your menus you can advance your branding and messaging that can compliment your overall marketing strategies. It provides the ability to get in front of your captured audience who are there to buy!


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Increase sales by 10% or more

Make changes instantly
Maximize your marketing
Energize the guest experience
Reduce menu clutter
Show allergen, calorie labeling and feature nutrition info

The costs of paper menus are only holding you back!

Enhancements? No problem! Menuvative interfaces with TapHunter and Untappd (seamless one entry between services).

Designed with multi-unit, multi-user capabilities and an open API to allow for integration with other services.



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Software-as-a-Service from $99 for 1-10 devices to $399 for unlimited devices.


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20170708_225555hEADER FOR PAGE


1] Finding a charging station area, big enough to hold 50-75 tablets

The tablet charging station(s) space required would be negligible when you consider your current menu placements because with the tablets, you are consolidating all the different menus you have (dinner, lunch, specials, features, dessert list, bar menu, wine list, etc.)

2] Continually rotating them from the charging area

Front desk managing your digital menus are as easy as managing your current menus. Don’t let the fear of plugging them in at the end of shift stop you from moving into managing your menus in real-time and having the ability to increase sales based on automatically pairing & suggesting beverage items using the Pairing-Pro technology.

3] Only four year life, then have to buy tablets over once again

When investing in solutions that provide value, there are upfront costs of doing business. The Return on Investment can be as fast as 40 days. As Innovative software continues to advance, so will the tablets. Even if you replaced the tablets every year it would still be more cost effective. Going paper to digital can be scary at first but once you are in the real-time driver seat, you will wonder what took you so long.

4] Servers afraid that Guests will be reading and hanging on to menus too long and not flipping tables fast enough in the summer

Fears are what hold us back. Increasing sales and having better control to manage the content experience is the best opportunity a restaurant operator has to appeal to their buying customers. The irony is that the actual affect is the opposite of what most operators think.  Five years of experience has shown us this concern is 100% invalid. What does happen is people spend more time engaged with the presentation of menu items and LESS time waiting around for a server to answer a question that they may or may not know the answer to, but is instead answered by better presentation (photos, beverage pairings, better descriptions, etc.) = 10%+ more sales!

5] With all technology, there are going to have breakage, repairs, etc.
The first day of your install we might have a breakage. The chances of that happening anytime, is less than 5% based on the proof and testimonials of our customers.  A four year average is just that – a four year average.  For every one that breaks in year one, there are some that will go five years.

6] Lastly, they are great, but we don’t want to be the first in our area.
Menuvative technology has been around for 5 years and proven in every kind of concept and in every type of market, big to small, urban and rural.  One can’t be a leader and reap the benefits of innovation if they wait and follow others around them. This fear is valid because it isn’t about Menuvative it is about the decision to use innovation to advance in the restaurant business. 

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call! 616.805.9710 or 616.329.5058