Your Lifestyle Powered by My Hot Perks For Communities

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Connecting Communities with Merchants

Community Lifestyle Networks Powered by My Hot Perks!


One stop shop with your own app – consolidate your website, eCommerce store, social media feeds and your content.

Create membership levels ‘Gold”, ‘Bronze’, ‘Elite’.

Working together to serve new Raving Fans!

Conversions are possible when expectations are exceeded!

Make that happen and turn the experience into a WOW!

As a merchant the platform offers unique digital marketing tools within a marketplace that provides services directly to our community residents.

Our services specifically advertise and promote events, specials, and loyalty rewards that are uniquely designed to serve each resident a custom experience around town.

Community Lifestyle Networks Powered by My Hot Perks is an interactive application where community members, merchants, coaches, and influencers can communicate. Daily specials range from free memberships and admissions to nearby fitness centers, and vouchers for delivery and offsite into your own home meal plans, third-party delivery services, and other exclusive discounts around town.


CONTACT INFORMATION – Always Open! Call us today to schedule an in person introduction.  616.805.9710

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