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We offer professional services to many local business owners who have shared what they are looking for in a good partner program. Here is what they are telling us what they want from a partner advisory level


An Advisor that can move quickly to get things done and change direction if needed.


An Advisor that understands different approaches to meet specific requirements.


A professional, well-trained expert familiar with running a business and achieving results.

Leadership and Advisory Services

An Advisor that can participate in an assessment process with ongoing collaboration to correlate business goals and objectives with business strategies and tactics.


A record of past performance, competency, and satisfied clients.

Customer Service

A principal component of our business model. 

Over fifty years of business experience


Hospitality Industry


Experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry is a rare and valuable commodity. Unfortunately, the bulk of the experience for the independent restaurant often comes solely from within that of his/her own restaurant. If you’ve ever watched Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, You’ve seen some extreme examples of operators who are in over their heads because they followed a dream, a passion, a family tradition without any formal training, education, or significant management experience in other well run restaurants.


Even if your restaurant doesn’t qualify as a Kitchen Nightmare, hiring an experienced restaurant consultant to identify your restaurants weaknesses, engineer your menu, and help you improve many aspects of your business may be a significantly beneficial investment.


The Local Merchant Solutions Consorsium provides a vast network of resources. The availability for restaurant consulting varies. The Consorsium works with a selective short list of clients at a time. The process is highly selective.

The performance improvement plans are focused on in-depth assessments of the operation and service details, hiring and staff development, standard procedures, culinary quality, inventory and cost controls, menu design, competitive analysis, pricing strategy, web design, social and digital strategies.

All consulting engagements require a 1 day discovery and assessment phase, after which a summary of the assessment will be provided and if applicable, a contractual weekly agreement.


  • On-site anonymous shopper and discovery
  • Assessment and recommended Scope of Work
  • 1 Day (6-8 hours)
  • $500 paid in advance
  1. Mutually agreed limited contracts of service (2-8 week engagement is typical)
  2. SOW organized into weekly segments, including task details and estimated hours.
  3. Each week of service begins with a weekly contract of service and $2,500 retainer.
  4. Travel expense for any week will be added to any subsequent week’s retainer invoice.

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