Professional References

Chris Snyder
President at TAPS Fish House & Brewery / The Catch / Lillie’s Q (Brea)

Michael understands the meaning of parternship and synergy. His ability to communicate, his follow-up and follow-through and his integrity lead me to the recommendation of this individual.

Chris was Michael J’s client

Olivier Gosse
Director of Sales at RRT USA – Restaurant Revolution Technologies – Western Region.

Michael brought both a great deal of organization and structure to the Los Angeles Sales department. His tenacity and great attention to detail have helped all of us attain better overall results. I am certain that wherever Michael lands he will contribute outstanding results to that Organization. Michael’s marketing skills are not only transferrable to any other POS or Automation company but to any business Organization in the Marketplace.

Olivier reported to Michael J at Radiant Systems /Acquired by NCR

Jeff Daniel, M.A.
Senior Account Executive at Lexipol

Michael is a hands-on, detail oriented sales manager who always has his colleagues and customers best interests in mind. Michael has a proven ability to overcome obstacles and is very process oriented. The level of Michael’s committment to the company is impressive to say the least.

Jeff worked directly with Michael J at Radiant Systems /Acquired by NCR

Nic Wilkinson
Customer Care Specialist at vRide, Inc.

Michael has a brilliant personality and always uses it to develop better personal relationships, which is why he is respected almost immediately by those he comes in contact with. His attention to detail and ability to prioritize/address the important issues for his sales team has always had a supernatural aura about it. I recommend Michael because he has a desire to excel personally and influences others to do the same.

Nic worked indirectly for Michael J at Radiant Systems /Acquired by NCR

Ed Herrera
VP Sales at SDCR Business Systems

Michael Rutherford is the hardest working man in America! His attention to detail is extraordinary; his loyalty to his position and his company is unquestionable. Although he was subordinate to me, he taught me many things about the sales and business development processes. If anyone wants an employee who is not afraid to express his opinion, who will run through a wall for you, who will implement your company objectives, do not waiver and do not delay; HIRE THIS MAN!

Ed managed Michael J at SDCR Business Systems/ Reseller for Radiant Systems

Cristal Ghitman
San Diego Area Sales Manager at SDCR Business Systems

Michael Rutherford has been a significant mentor to me in the field of restaurant POS technology and Operations and I recommend him as a valuable asset to any company. He is one of the most task-oriented and focused people I have ever worked with, and excels in doing all due diligence in order to effectively and successfully reach goals and win sales. Michael understands the nuances of doing business and combines that with his years in the field to bring a unique and acute perspective to every process. His inherent drive and competitive nature means that a solution is always possible, the answer is always yes, and he will always see things through to the very end.

Cristal reported to Michael J at SDCR Business Systems/ Reseller for Radiant Systems

Tyler Dow
Consultant, Restaurant and Bar Operations

Michael is the definitive example of the Sales Manager: he is a remarkable trainer and manager of his supervised personnel; he is a systems guru; he is encyclopedic in his knowledge of the hospitality business; he is a motivator and leader-by-example; and he consistently goes far beyond the ‘bare minimum’ in ensuring the success of his employees and his employers. His work ethic is nothing short of extraordinary.

Michael was my mentor and guide as I entered into a wholly new area of our business – sales. Through his efforts I emerged (I like to think!) as a confident, capable and effective member of the SDCR team. I have found myself quoting him as I have moved forward in my career, as a manager of personnel myself.

I dare say he would be a valued asset not only to those that employ him, but also to those that he supervises. I would be happy to work with him again, and will look forward to our paths crossing in the future, professionally or socially.

Tyler reported to Michael J at SDCR Business Systems/ Reseller for Radiant Systems

Josh Levy
Account Executive Enterprise Sales at OpenTable

My name is Josh Levy and I had the pleasure of working under Michael Rutherford for over a year. When I first entered into the world of outside sales, I had no prior sales experience. Through Michael’s tutalidge I was able to learn processes, techniques, and orginizational skills that I will take with me throughout my career. I look forward to my continued relationship with Michael and know that I will be able to call upon him for advise both in work and life. He will be a great asset for any company lucky enough to have him.

Josh reported to Michael J at SDCR Business Systems/ Reseller for Radiant Systems

Gabriel Duran
Project Manager at SDCR Business Systems

I had the pleasure of working for Michael as an outside sales executive. He is an excellent teacher and motivator; I was able to learn a lot from him. Michael will successfully accomplish any project that he takes on. I highly recommend Michael.

Gabriel reported to Michael J at SDCR Business Systems/ Reseller for Radiant Systems

Robert Reardon
Corporate New Business Development Manager at HME

Michael is simple an all around good guy and a true expert in the hospitality space. I would highly recommend him to any restaurant, club or hotel owner in need of process and or technology improvements.

Robert worked directly with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Mark LeMay
President Double Line Solutions, inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael at Jadeon. Michael is an incredibly passionate sales manager that excels in working with and mentoring sales professionals. He works very hard to stay on top of the POS industry trends. I would highly recommend Michael for any sales leadership position.

Mark managed Michael J indirectly at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Bill Beltz
Vice President – Hosted Solutions at NCR Corporation

I’ve had the benefit of working with Michael for several years. He has tireless enthusiasm and work ethic. Michael is also a master of the sales process, and has always ensured that he and his sales teams understand their client’s businesses first and present the right solutions second.

Bill was with another company when working with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Rachel Richards
Principal at Channel Focused Group

Michael Rutherford has a passion for the sales process and consultative sales approach that raises the bar in the industry. His attention to detail and ability to add process to the fundamentals are second to none. He understands the hard work it takes to make selling easy.

Rachel was a consultant or contractor to Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Evan Kenville
VP Training & Technology, Tilted Kilt Franchise Operations

Michael was a great co-worker and teammate. He is very detail oriented and demonstrates excellent customer managment skills.

Evan worked with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Nick Radcliffe, PMP
Manager, Transit Division & Product Development

I had the pleasure to work with Michael during my employment with Jadeon. Michael was a sales manager for the greater S.F. Bay area while I was a sales representative in Southern California. From my first interaction with Michael, I was impressed most notably with his depth of knowledge and his commitment not only to the POS industry but to individual clients as well. Michael is very disciplined and manages the entire sales process most proficiently. I believe than he is genuinely concerned about finding the best solution for a prospective client showing integrity and depth of character that can sometimes be difficult to find.

Nick worked with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Rusty Rudzik

Michael was instrumental in helping to build the client base in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Rusty worked with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Angela Votta
Director at Card Marketing Services

When it comes to sales, Michael is a rare breed. He’s bright and persuasive, but he’s also a class act both personally and professionally. He gets behind products he believes in, but won’t push something if he knows it’s not in the client’s best interest. We have worked together to assist several of his POS customers and his follow-up has been impeccable. If you’re looking for someone to build a long-term business relationship with, Michael is the person to work with.

Angela was with another company when working with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Rusty Smith
Owner LDS Capital LLC

I have worked with Michael over the course of 7 or 8 years and he has shown nothing but professionalism. We had a working relationship Michael and I and he would always bring his accounts to me for any potential finanancing and he was always attentitive to the needs of his customers. He was a very detailed oriented person. I would recommend Michael for any potential position that would require interaction with your customer base.

Best regards,
Rusty Smith

Rusty was with another company when working with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Olivier Gosse
Director of Sales at RRT USA – Restaurant Revolution Technologies – Western Region.

I can confirm the fact that Michael is deeply rooted within the Hospitality Industry and brings much expertise in many areas. His operational background provides him with the ability to address any POS issue that presents itself and apply his overall knowledge to any issue at hand. Michael is extremely focused and determined to find solutions on a consistent basis as well as project situations in the future. His enthusiasm is always contagious and that makes him a Leader on many different levels. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michael and I would recommend him to any POS or Automation-type organization.

Olivier worked directly with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Lesa Barber
Technical Support Manager at NCR Corporation

Michael is a hard working, dedicated individual. He pays close attention to detail and delivers unsurpassed customer service. He would be a great asset to any one he works for or with.

Lesa Barber

Lesa worked with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant Systems

Joel Snyder

I’ve worked with Michael on numerous accounts and I have always found him to be responsible and professional in his approach to business. He is excellent with follow up and driving the sale to a close. He also is well respected by those people he manages.

Joel was with another company when working with Michael J at Jadeon Inc. /Acquired by Radiant System

Building Leadership and Developing Diversity

This is a living document and is updated from time to time.

Today through several administrative efforts most industry organizations are able to work with more federal funding programs designed to positively impact training new hires for trade careers. These include the implementation of well organized government funded “earn and learn” training programs in each state.

As a Sophomore in high school, I took my first step in my career as a trade apprentice in a correspondence course communicating proof of accomplishments by mail in the 70’s. I was signed as the very first Apprentice on the roster, in the entire United States, being offered for the first time through the American Culinary Federation correspondence course. I was sponsored by Robert H. Nelson, CEC, CCE, AAC and mentored by Chef Larry Farhat at the Spring Lake Country Club and Mr. Jim Singerling, CCM, HAAC, HBOT.

It was the same year that Chef Ferdinand E. Metz, CMC, W GMC, AAC, HOF, Dr. L.J. Minor, Chef Louis I. Szathmary and Lt. Gen. John D. McLaughlin were successful working with the Department of Labor in elevating the status of Chef from the “Services” to the “Professional” category.

As it is within these important points our work needs to continue.

  1. There is a need to inspire others by proof of success.
  2. People need to learn to market themselves.
  3. People need to learn and advance their skills and ideas.
  4. Encourage ownership.
  5. Develop mentor leadership in our industry.
  6. Create jobs for all minorities.

One of the great challenges facing organizations is getting all employees, from the CEO to the hourly workers, to realize that to become the best, they have to embrace diversity.

Diversity is about empowering people. It makes an organization effective by capitalizing on all of the strengths of each employee. It is not EEO or Affirmative Action. These are laws and policies. While on the other hand, diversity is understanding, valuing, and using the differences in every person.

Diversity is not only black and white, female and male, gay and straight, Jewish and Christian, young and old, etc.; but the diversity of every individual, slow learner and fast learner, introvert and extrovert, controlling type and people type, scholar and sports-person, liberal and conservative, etc. – Clark, D.R.

As organizations invest more in communication platforms and eLearning we are able to link minority professionals with Mentors that can enhance the education outcome and provide career opportunities for advancement.

The mission to modernize the mentoring tools can provide a working learner with both an environment where they can acquire both academic studies & practical experience. Creating connections that will lead to support systems and new ways of conceiving the way we learn, and the way we work, and how we integrate those things.

Open technology particularly Web 2.0 can contribute to leveling the playing field and increase the organizations professional services for mobile mentoring to a more diverse professional workforce. This can assist those who are looking for direction, advice and leadership while they are still in High School – or dropping out because they have no direction.

The acquisition of succession planning tools can contribute to making sure any industry has well trained professionals who lead other students and perhaps want to become educators replicating best practices.


The certification programs of today have world class content. As does the recent NRAEF Food and Beverage Service Competency Model shown on the Department of Labor Competency Model Clearinghouse website. Search the Clearinghouse for your industry competency models.


Organizations that work together can provide membership with collaborative transparent communication tools to automate the competency certification, accreditation and assessing process. The benefits can increase the member’s participation and success with coaching students with a mobile application with real-time steps, performance path plans and teaching real life skills. Most importantly replicating what works in those communities that need the most help.

Before 2010 everyone communicated within their own Information Silo’s – Today because of Cloud Computing we are able to share information, and build platforms that allow everyone to participate.

expert path panel

Most organizations have standards and career development content & best practices, although may not have or can afford the technology to manage them. Industry communications can be augmented to enhance the Apprenticeship programs in America when working with private social networks and within support teams, work-groups, and partnerships.

Ways to create and market our professional portfolios as a mechanism to communicate within these groups. 

Ways to enhance the communications between organizations with ad-hoc work requirements that are managed by support teams to assist us in time of need.

The purpose is to mentor those who are transitioning from high school to industry jobs, and from life changing experiences to better conditions – to prospective employers, and throughout our careers. 

It starts with working with Today’s Students – Tomorrow’s Leaders!

Collaborating with a well diverse workforce leading each industry: Social Media like Facebook (Groups), LinkedIn (Education, Groups, and Professional Mentors, WordPress (ePortfolio web pages), and others offer many public social software services that everyone can participate in. Unfortunately many free services do not play well together. The need is to professionally develop willing learners with proven teaching models that can utilize these types of services within one platform. This will provide willing learners with growth plans utilizing the Competency Model Clearinghouse through the teachings of expert path panels – becoming certified professionals.

Taking my first step in my career as a trade apprentice in a correspondence course communicating proof of accomplishments by mail in the 70’s, is where I get my passion to serve and assist other working learners today with advanced communication technology” – Michael Rutherford

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